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Volume 6 (2012)

Shared Knowledge Matters: Culture as Intersubjective Representations (pages 109–125)
Ching Wan
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Cultural Variations in Motivation for Cognitive Consistency: Influences of Self-Systems on Cognitive Dissonance (pages 126–141)
Etsuko Hoshino-Browne
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Volume 5 (2011)

Embodied Cultural Cognition: Situating the Study of Embodied Cognition in Socio-Cultural Contexts (pages 591–608)
Angela K.–y. Leung, Lin Qiu, Laysee Ong and Kim-Pong Tam
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Embodied Cultural Cognition: Situating the Study of Embodied Cognition in Socio-Cultural Contexts (pages 591–608)
Angela K.–y. Leung, Lin Qiu, Laysee Ong and Kim-Pong Tam
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Cultural Meanings of Brands and Consumption: A Window into the Cultural Psychology of Globalization (pages 251–262)
Carlos Torelli and Shirley Cheng
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The Quest for Multicultural Competence: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Clinical and Organizational Research (pages 263–274)
Melody Manchi Chao, Sumie Okazaki and Ying-yi Hong
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Volume 4 (2010)

Understanding the Complexity of Everyday Interethnic Contact: Recommendations for Researchers (pages 795–806)
John B. Nezlek and Juliette Schaafsma

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Prejudice Toward Female Leaders: Backlash Effects and Women’s Impression Management Dilemma (pages 807–820)

Julie E. Phelan and Laurie A. Rudman

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First Impressions of the Face: Predicting Success (pages 506–516)
Nicholas Rule and Nalini Ambady

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From Emic to Etic: Exporting Indigenous Constructs (pages 364–378)
Sylvia Xiaohua Chen

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Judging Faces in Context (pages 393–402)
David Matsumoto and Hyi Sung Hwang

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Good, Better, Best: Between Culture and Self-Enhancement (pages 379–392)
Jenny Kurman

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Understanding Western-East Asian Differences and Similarities in Self-Enhancement (pages 304–317)
Helen C. Boucher

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Across the (Not So) Great Divide: Cultural Similarities in Self-Evaluative Processes (pages 318–330)
Jonathon D. Brown

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Translation and Cultural Comparison: Some Epistemological Reflections (pages 227–237)
Romin W. Tafarodi

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Culture and Terror Management: What is “Culture” in Cultural Psychology and Terror Management Theory? (pages 164–173)
Emi S. Kashima

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Culture and Probability Judgment (pages 174–188)
J. Frank Yates

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Socialization: Insights from Social Cognition (pages 93–106)
Selin Kesebir, David H. Uttal and Wendi Gardner

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Living at the Crossroads of Cultural Worlds: The Experience of Normative Conflicts by Second Generation Immigrant Youth (pages 14–29)
Benjamin Giguère, Richard Lalonde and Evelina Lou

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Personal Values and Behavior: Taking the Cultural Context into Account (pages 30–41)
Sonia Roccas and Lilach Sagiv

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Volume 3 (2009)

On the Relationship between Social Capital and Individualism–Collectivism (pages 871–886)
Anu Realo and Jüri Allik

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Culture and Development of Self-Regulation (pages 687–701)
Gisela Trommsdorff

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Once upon a Time: Explaining Cultural Differences in Episodic Specificity (pages 413–432)
Qi Wang

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Terrorism, Identity, and Conflict Management (pages 433–446)
Winnifred R. Louis

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Suggestions for a New Integration in the Psychology of Morality (pages 447–474)
Diane Sunar

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Dynamic Biculturalism: Socially Connected and Individuated Unique Selves in a Globalized World (pages 199–210)
Michael Bender and Sik Hung Ng

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Volume 2 (2008)

Cultural Differences in the Self: From Philosophy to Psychology and Neuroscience (pages 1799–1811)
Ying Zhu and Shihui Han

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Towards the Realistic Perception of a Culture (pages 1812–1823)
Harry C. Triandis

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The Influence of Children on Their Parents’ Values (pages 1143–1161)
Ariel Knafo and Neta Galansky

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Action Research: A Missing Component in the Emergence of Social and Cross-Cultural Psychology as a Fully Inter-Connected Global Enterprise (pages 1162–1181)
James H. Liu, Sik-hung Ng, Ma. Cecilia Gastardo-Conaco and Dennis S. W. Wong

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Reaping the Rewards of Diversity: The Role of Identity Integration (pages 1182–1198)
Chi-Ying Cheng, Melissa Sanders, Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, Kristine Molina, Fiona Lee, Emily Darling and Yu Zhao

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Sociosexual Orientation and Sexual Behavior in Mexican Adults (pages 1199–1217)
Rolando Díaz-Loving and Georgina García Rodríguez

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Culture and Personality: Variability across Universal Motives as the Missing Link (pages 608–634)
E. Tory Higgins

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Broadening the Study of the Self: Integrating the Study of Personal Identity and Cultural Identity (pages 635–651)
Seth J. Schwartz, Byron L. Zamboanga and Robert S. Weisskirch

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Culture, Gender, and Men’s Intimate Partner Violence (pages 652–667)
Joseph A. Vandello and Dov Cohen

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Culture and Biology: The Foundation of Pathways of Development (pages 668–681)
Heidi Keller

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The Chinese Personality Assessment Inventory as a Culturally Relevant Personality Measure in Applied Settings (pages 74–89)
Fanny Cheung, Weiqiao Fan and Clara To

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Colonialism and Psychology of Culture (pages 90–106)
Sumie Okazaki, E. J. R. David and Nancy Abelmann

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A Social Psychology of Cultural Dynamics: Examining How Cultures Are Formed, Maintained, and Transformed (pages 107–120)
Yoshihisa Kashima

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Volume 1 (2007)

Climates Create Cultures (pages 53–67)
Evert Van de Vliert

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Networks of Meaning: Intergroup Relations, Cultural Worldviews, and Knowledge Activation Principles (pages 68–83)
Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton and Nina Hansen

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Toward a Social Psychology of Culture and Globalization: Some Social Cognitive Consequences of Activating Two Cultures Simultaneously (pages 84–100)
Chi-Yue Chiu and Shirley Y. Y. Cheng

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Biculturalism Unpacked: Components, Measurement, Individual Differences, and Outcomes (pages 101–114)
Angela-MinhTu D. Nguyen and Verónica Benet-Martínez

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